Combo improves response rates in treatment-naïve SAA

Eltrombopag (Promacta)
Photo courtesy of GSK
Adding eltrombopag to immunosuppressive therapy (IST) can produce high rates of response in treatment-naïve severe aplastic anemia (SAA), according to research published in NEJM. In patients who received eltrombopag for 6 months, the overall response rate (ORR) was 94%, and the complete response (CR) rate was 58%. [Read Article]

Cutting amino acids from diet could fight lymphoma

Lab mouse
Cutting certain amino acids from the diet slows tumor growth and prolongs survival in mouse models of malignancy, according to research published in Nature. Researchers found that removing 2 non-essential amino acids—serine and glycine (SG)—from the diet of mice slowed the development of lymphoma and intestinal cancer. [Read Article]

Hemoglobin nanoparticles could serve as blood substitute

Blood in bags and vials
Photo by Daniel Gay
A new type of hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier has shown early promise as a potential blood substitute, according to researchers. The team created nanoparticles consisting of bovine hemoglobin coated with the polymer polydopamine (PDA). [Read Article]