EC grants drug orphan designation for CTCL

Micrograph showing
mycosis fungoides
The European Commission (EC) has granted orphan designation to MRG-106 for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). MRG-106 is a locked nucleic acid-modified oligonucleotide inhibitor of miR-155-5p. miRagen Therapeutics, Inc., the company developing MRG-106, is currently testing the drug in a phase 1 trial of CTCL patients. Early... [Read Article]

Intensive chemo upfront means DHL patients can skip HSCT

Cancer patient receiving chemotherapy
Photo by Rhoda Baer
A new study suggests that patients with double-hit lymphoma (DHL) in first remission only benefit from an autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant (auto-HSCT) if they received standard frontline chemotherapy. Researchers looked at long-term outcomes for DHL patients who achieved remission and, overall, found that auto-HSCT... [Read Article]

Videos reduce need for anesthesia in kids undergoing radiotherapy

Child watches a movie while
undergoing radiotherapy
Photo from VLADI project
Children with cancer may not require general anesthesia prior to radiotherapy if they can watch videos during their treatment, according to research presented at the ESTRO 36 conference (abstract OC-0546). Allowing children to watch videos during radiotherapy reduced but did not completely... [Read Article]